Saturday, March 7, 2009

2 March 2009


  • Ghana = Mrs. Betty Mould-Iddrisu, the first female Minister of Justice and Attorney General has been appointed. She has a background as a human rights advocate, and will hopefully continue along that same path toward justice for all … (AT, GG)
  • Kuwait = Dr. Lubna Al-Kazi is been a powerful voice for women's suffrage as well as women’s rights to run for political office. She is a leader of the Kuwaiti Women's Social and Cultural Society, one of the most pwerful women's rights group in Kuwait.
    • Dr. Al-Kazi was interviewed for a podcast with Vital Voices and gives a very thorough and educational account of the current situation in Kuwait. She also advises advocates where to focus our efforts. You can listen here. (VV)
  • Sierra Leone = Issa Sesay, Morris Kallon and Augustine Gbao from the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), a former rebel group, have been convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity (including forced marriage and recruiting child soldiers) committed during the country's civil war. (AJ)
  • Tanzania = superstitious killings of albinos for their body parts have now claimed the 45th victim since 2007 – a 14 year old girl. Witch doctors are allegedly fueling the killings. (AT)


  • Iran = Yay! Hana Abdi, a Kurdish student and activist, was released after spending 15 months in prison. Her release was largely due to women’s human rights activists advocating on her behalf. She was originally charged with "enmity against God" and "gathering and colluding to harm national security". (AI)
  • Iran = Boo! Iran has admitted to holding a US journalist, 31 year old Roxana Saberi, in detention since January of this year. She is a freelance reporter for the BBC, FoxNews, and NPR. (DN)
  • Saudi Arabia = Local activists have been taking action to highlight the abuses of the religious Hey’a police force – formerly the Commission to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice – by posting videos to YouTube. Yay! (NPR)




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