Monday, April 25, 2011

25 April 2011


Central African Republic = Are Gender-Based Violence legal clinics having any effect? Perhaps … (IRIN)

Kenya = Forced male circumcision is the new hot topic for gender based violence experts. (IRIN)

Makes sense, yes? If forced female circumcision, or “female genital mutilation” is recognized as a human rights offense, shouldn't the male equivalent be so recognized, too? Are they comparable? What do you think?

Mauritania = Tear gas was fired at civilians during “day of rage” protests. (BBC)

Nigeria = Yay! The gay-friendly House of Rainbow church is trying to re-open … albeit via YouTube. After the Reverend Rowland Jide Macaulay had to flee the country due to death threats, it looked like the end of gay-friendly congregation. A brave volunteer who hosts the services in Nigeria, accesses the Reverend over YouTube and the congregation is now closed to all new worshipers and meets in secret locations to protect themselves. (GRD)


USA = Proof that the United States knowingly imprisoned innocent people at Guantanamo. (DN, AJ)

  • You can watch the Guardian's video report here.


Sri Lanka = Journalist Shantha Wijesuriya who works for Lankaenews has been arrested. (GV)


Hungary = People of Roma descent are continuing to be threatened by a para-military “neighborhood watch” in Northern Hungary's Gyongyospata. (GV)


Syria = Demonstrators in the southern city of Daraa and the Damascus suburb of Douma are facing violent security forces; at least 20 people have been killed and dozens arrested. (DN, WP, FR24, NYT)


New media and the spread of Human Rights; thoughtful essay by Matthew Smith. (HP)

Carroll Bogert's excellent essay “Whose News” on citizen journalism and human rights is online here.

Click here for an online manual designed for human rights defenders.

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