Sunday, September 4, 2011

4 September 2011

Back from hiatus, folks! It was much longer than expected, but two moves and a new laptop later, here we are. Expect a weekly format for the rest of 2011, and in 2012 we'll see if we can produce at least a couple of RoundUps each week. As always, thanks for checking out the HRRU and feel free to contribute!


  • Angola = This Saturday, youth protestors in Luanda were threatened, repressed, and detained without cause; watch their story here. (GVO)

  • Libya = In June of this year, al-Qaddafi forces locked more than 20 detained people into storage containers and left them to die; 11 people survived while the others suffocated. (AI)

  • Libya = Currently, rebel leaders of the National Transitional Council are allegedly arresting or detaining without cause dark-skinned black African migrants and citizens, with the rhetoric that they are suspected pro-Qaddafi mercenaries. (HRW)

  • Somalia = Advocating to give up. Sort of. Doctors Without Borders' international president is tellin' it like it is, arguing that many people in Somalia cannot be saved, that this famine is man-made and aid agencies must address that as the root cause and must not claim that a donation means everyone will get fed. Have you engaged in international aid work? What do you think of this public statement? Why don't we hear more comments like this from agency leaders? (GRD)


  • Bolivia = The Supreme Court issued convictions for 7 leaders who were involved in citizens' deaths during 2003's Black October demonstrations against gas pipelines, which turned deadly when police opened fire on the protestors. (OHCHR)

  • United States = An American woman had to turn to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to get justice in her domestic violence claim against her estranged husband. “The Commission’s decision recommends that the USA examine how it fails domestic violence victims and enact comprehensive reforms at the local, state and federal levels to ensure that victims receive adequate protection from their abusers.” (AI)

  • United States = New Mexico residents are takin' to the streets … or, more precisely, to the Capitol Building this Tuesday the 6th to protest proposed anti-immigrant legislation. (BNHR)


  • China = Proposed revisions to the Criminal Procedure Law could empower Chinese authorities to secretly detain people for up to 6 months; international law considers these illegal “enforced disappearances” (HRW)

  • Russia = Environmental activists Victor Chirikov, Aleander Onufrienko and Valery Semergei are being held in administrative detention after a groundless arrest and 11pm trial. Click here to find out how to advocate for Victor, Aleander and Valery. (FIDH)


  • Syria = 88 detained people have died since the pro-reform protests began in March of this year, including a thirteen year old boy who appeared to have been tortured and castrated; there is evidence that torture played a role in at least 50 of the deaths. (AI)


  • Tahiti = Small steps for transgender rights … the Tahitian Court of Appeal upheld the fine for a local official who refused to officiate at a wedding where one partner is transgender. (ADV)


  • Check out some sobering employment and labor stats in honor of Labor Day 2011 here.

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